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    I loved Wildwood Creek. I’m sure these are just as good. My daddy still owns the house that sits on land deeded to his ancestors by the king of England. I love personal history!

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  11. My father and my uncle take day trips from Indianapolis to Terre Haute, Indiana on genealogy searches. They’ve discovered a lot of interesting facts and met a few colorful characters.
    Your book is sure to be a treat for your family. I know that I would have enjoyed having my grandparents story preserved in a novel. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Amanda M

    I love the idea of a book based on family history! My grandparents’ story from when they met during WWII (he was US Army cook, she was German citizen) is one that I’ve always thought I should write. I guess I should actually do that. 🙂

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  19. Thank you for the insight into writing dual time frame stories. I enjoy them and would like to try that myself.

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    God bless you as you write

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    great-grands, etc.

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  31. Hi Lisa – I read The Prayer Box and loved it! I identified with Tandi so well that it was a bittersweet read.

    It was very encouraging. Thanks!

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  36. Great site, Lisa, and fascinating post, Martha. Thanks for sharing!

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  39. What a wonderful way to research a book. I am sure it was a very special time for you and your family.

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    I love reading stories within stories. It makes for a much richer experience. In some ways life is simply a story within a story: all of our experiences wrapped up in the grand story of God’s righteousness, love, and redemption.

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  65. Thank you for sharing this new to me author Lisa, I had not read her books before.
    And you know that I dearly love your books and Huckleberry
    Linda Marie Finn
    Women Professing Godliness
    home to Faithful Acres Books

  66. Thank you, Lisa for hosting Martha. i don’t think i knew the story behind the stories, and since i love family history, i will be searching out her books.

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  68. Lisa, I absolutely love your books. Actually, I’ve only read one so far, no two, I believe; but I just loved them both. You are a gifted author. Thank you for this opportunity.

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  84. ooohhh!!! ** claps hands like a little girls!! I’ve wanted to read both The Story Keeper AND The Prayer Box since I first read about them!!

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  90. I love your books. I have an aunt that has done a lot of research into our family history.

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    I just finished The Prayer Box and am already looking forward to reading it again. It is such a beautiful story on both sides of the “box” and just the thought of written prayers inspires me. Thank you for sharing your talents with others through your novels.

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    I love the concept of basing a book on letters. I have the letters written between my grandparents during WWI and it is very special to be privy to their story.

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  102. I love your stories! I recently borrowed The Story Keeper from the library and couldn’t put it down! I wound up staying up way to late to finish it.:) I think it is one of my favorites yet!

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  117. Lisa,

    Both of your books (The Prayer Box and The Story Keeper) sound beautiful and right up my alley. I’ll be putting them on my Christmas list this year.

    I hope we may get to know each other via Facebook. I love meeting fellow writers and connecting online. Eventually I hope to make it to some conferences, but finances and schedule conflicts have not allowed for that yet. I write contemporary Christian fiction, most of which could be placed in the “romance” genre. Currently, I’m working on a story about a firefighter who promised to take care of his best friend’s wife, if he didn’t make it home from the job.

    Happy writing!

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    I am really beginning to like the idea of juxtaposition narrating. The story slowly “layers-up” until the reader gets the full picture of the action, like a piece of greatly anticipated pecan pie. First read a story like this from Jolina Petersheim.

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  138. Wow, I think it’s awesome that Martha had her first book published at 73 and is continuing from there!

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  141. Martha, I love the idea of using tracing your own ancestry as a way of finding fodder for your stories!

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    Martha’s book, Love Never Fails sound wonderful!

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  145. I loved The Prayer Box. It’s the first book I read by you. Can’t wait to read some more!

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    I have always enjoyed history and love it when the past and the present are intertwined in a story. We often forget that the past has had a direct effect on the present. It’s great when we can see that correlation! Thanks!

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  169. It’s so neat that Martha Rogers has so much history in her family! I think I’d have to go to another country to find any 100+ year old documents like that about my family. =)

    Thanks for the chance to win! Your books sound great –especially “The Prayer Box.” =)

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  171. Pick me! I want copies of your book 🙂 Or Huckleberry. I’ll take Huckleberry in lieu of the books. My Bichon-poo has a crush on him.

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  191. Your books look wonderful, Lisa. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    Lisa, our church ladies book club recent read your TENDING ROSES. We all enjoyed reading it, and I have since purchased THE LANGUAGE OF SYCAMORES, although I’ve not yet read it.
    I really hadn’t thought of TENDING ROSES as a duel time frame story, but it really is. And done wonderfully well, thank you. I’ll be interested to read others of a duel time frame as well.

    And, Martha, thanks for letting us know the story behind the story. My hubby is quite into genealogy of his family. He takes spells of digging into it, and when he does — yes, it does take lots of time. I like to hear his stories about his family (or what he finds in mine), but I can’t seem to remember or keep things straight. Doubt I’ll be writing any novels of either of our families. But glad, you have done so about your family.

  193. Pansy

    The Prayer Box is one of the most moving and enjoyable books i’ve ever read and i’ve read a bunch. I hardily (sp?) recommend it. Just plan ahead because you won’t get anything else done until you’ve finished it! Thanks Lisa!

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  197. Karen Johnson

    How wonderful to trace your family and then write their story! My Great Great Great grandfather also fought in the civil war as a Sharpshooter. It was neat to find his name in a book one time. On my husband’s side, they are supposedly related to some man named Patrick Henry. Now you can find HIS name in a lot more books than my Great Great Great Grandfather. I also was in Ann Arbor and we happened to go to a garage sale. We found an old photo of firefighters with a horse drawn rig on a department in Lansing. Now I knew my great grandfather was a fireman in Lansing and was one of the last to drive a horse drawn fire rig. 1909 was the year of the photo, which would have been about the time. He was not on that department in that year, but some other family members were. So after conversing with my mom about if he was in it, etc, I bought the 8×10 that was already beautifully framed. And should she no longer want it, I get it back, because my husband also has a firefighting lineage and was a firefighter for a few years.
    History is really cool.

  198. loryn

    Thanks Lisa! I look forward to reading The Prayer Box! 🙂

  199. Susan Manchester

    I really enjoyed hearing about how you blend past and present stories. You are a new-to-me author, and I would love to read your books. If I do not win this contest, the books will be added to my really-want-to-read list. Thank you for taking part in this scavenger hunt.

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  201. Lisa, did you get the comment I posted yesterday? It looks like all the comments are missing right now.

    Your books sound so wonderful, and I’m looking forward to finding copies soon… Actually, I think I’m putting them on my Christmas list this year. I would love to see those in one of the packages under my Christmas tree in a couple months.

    Happy writing!

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  213. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but they sound wonderful. Would love to win so I can add a new author to my favorites list. =)

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    I have read The Prayer Box and thought it was a fantastic story. It had romance, lots of deep thought and it made me cry. I don’t always like to cry, but this book hit me deeply.

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    I really enjoy your books – only have read a few but they were really great. Sometimes I just hate when a book ends… I feel lost because while reading I feel so connected to the characters.

  216. I read “the Prayer Box” over the summer and loved it!

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  225. I am excited to read your other novels. I loved The Prayer Box!

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    I love your books cant wait to read the new one!! I had to come back today and go through the Hunt again!! Thanks again for the contest!! Blessings 🙂

  227. Sara Wise

    I loved “The Prayer Box” and am looking forward to reading others!

  228. Alyssa M.

    I really liked the first two books of the Daily, Texas series. I can’t wait to read more of your books.

  229. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books. I now have found a new author to follow. =)

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