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  1. Bonnie Roof

    Lisa, love this story and love your beautiful forms cabinet!! I love collecting furniture such as this, also, and imagining the stories behind them.

    My father just had a family combination bookcase/curio cabinet with a rounded glass door – refinished – it sits proudly in my brother’s house as my parents had no room in their house for it but wanted to preserve it. My parents and aunt have numerous pieces from my grandparents that will be passed down through the family (including a huge handmade grandfather clock which I will inherit, along with some dolls that are already almost 100 years old) and I have a cedar chest and desk (on which I’m currently writing these comments) which my father made. He is 92 years old, dealing with stage 4 cancer and no longer able to make any of the beautiful pieces (or houses) he was once able to construct.

    I’m SO enjoying this blog!! It apparently debuted while I was recovering from my mastectomy, I hadn’t realized it had until reading your newsletter today. I will be sharing this post and some of the others on Facebook – as I read them!!

    Thank you SO much and thank you for blessing me with your inspiring books!! I’m watching for that opportunity when I can meet you in person, have my books signed, and give you a thank-you hug!! I missed the perfect opportunity when you were in Nashville – I was there for an event the night before, but wasn’t physically feeling up to prolonging my stay. Hoping you’ll be signing in this part of the country again – some day!! Bless you and prayers for your writing!!

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