1. Sylvia

    Hi Miriam. Beautiful story! I remember when I met you and Hector in Vida. You have been a blessing to my life! Hope we can see each other soon. Love you

    • Lisa Wingate

      Miriam’s story was such a beautiful reminder that God is planning our destinies long before we can ever imagine. It has been such a joy to get to know her through The Sisterhood Of the Traveling Books!

  2. Nicki Hausman

    Love your true story; this awesome lady is my friend. She didn’t mention that she travels once a year to Panama to work in a school mission. She also opens her home to that school’s director and her two lovely children so the missionary director can speak here in the US. Miriam has also started a website to encourage Hispanic ladies called Saucey Ladies.

    • Lisa Wingate

      I think Miriam may well be a force of nature 😉

      What a blessing that you and Miriam are friends and that stories have connected us across the miles!


  3. Shawn

    I just love your story!!! God works in the most amazing ways!!!

  4. Miriam Lozano

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. I feel so blessed to have been chosen to serve the Lord in many ways. The friendships I have made along the way lend to the many stories that have enriched my life.

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