1. Miriam Lozano

    This is my poem:
    A long time ago, from a place faraway
    A Cuban father said, this is no place for my children”
    Communism, treachery and strive, and hunger, no way, no way.
    Off we flew to Miami, in Florida that is
    To a new life, new culture and language to learn
    A fun place of freedom and laughter.
    There I grew in the sun and the beach
    Loving my life as a happy American to be.
    The Age of Aquarius, hippies and love
    Had no bearing on me, ‘cept to make me want more
    A husband and children, a home and the lore
    But God had a plan, a marvelous plan
    To love me and lure me to waters of life
    To peace and to joy and freedom in Him
    To give a new life to a sinner like me.
    What a great blessing to know He loves me
    Had compassion and mercy and promises galore
    Jeremiah 29:11 made mine, a plan of prosperity happiness, provision and more.
    That’s me in a nutshell,
    Sinner saved by grace, married and happy
    Content and free
    Mother and grandma, wife and friend
    Reading and cooking and living the dream.

    • Lisa Wingate

      Miriam, I love your poem. Thank you for sharing.

      I think my favorite lines come from the conclusion:

      “Sinner saved by grace, married and happy
      Content and free
      Mother and grandma, wife and friend
      Reading and cooking and living the dream.”

      That, indeed, sounds like living the dream!

  2. Carolyn Hiatt

    I am from sawdust, from Dr. Pepper at 10, 2, and 4
    And from healing mineral waters in the old pavilion.
    I am from a rural, small town
    Catching fireflies in Nanny’s canning jars under the vast Texas star filled night.
    I am from the oleander bush and bluebonnets
    That came each spring to clothe the roadsides and empty fields
    Where babies and beauties gathered for picture-taking.
    I am from Sunday fried chicken, woodworking, and Do-Re-Me,
    from Ruth Ann and Truett.
    I am from doing it right the first time
    and measuring it twice before you cut.
    “From straighten up and fly right” and “fixin’ to”.
    I am from Amazing Grace, VBS, and funeral home fans in the hymnal racks.
    I’m from Marlin in the heart of Texas,
    tomatoes and dew berries.
    From the private on the shores of Africa,
    to the highest ranking soldier in the Alps of Italy,
    to the depression’s farmer’s daughter playing in the rows of cotton.
    I am from the people who trace their roots to – Plymouth, America’s Revolution and the Civil War.
    I am from the farmers who tilled the soiled and the soldiers that protected the soil.
    All a part of a growing family tree on the stairwell wall.

    • Lisa Wingate

      What a wonderful testimony to all the places you are from, Carolyn. Thank you for sharing it with us here at The Untold Story Guru!!

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